Cinematography Reel 2018

Projects in order of appearence

La Manera Mexicana (Short Film for Commercial Use)
Santa Run | It’s a Tradition (TVC)
IN.KA | 35 Years (TVC)
The Romanos (Corporate)
Heimlich (Short Film)
The Spectator (Short Film)
Bus 43 (Short Film)
Without Milk (Short Film)
Lightsaber (Music Video)
Koubaras | #Psaxto (TVC)
Follow the Wind (Short Film for Commercial Use)

Please feel free to click on any project to find out more about it.


A great thanks to Matchframe for the post production services

Due to their length some interesting shots can not make it into the 2-minutes reel. This section is deticated to such shots no matter of their lenght. I hope you enjoy!

  • Without Milk

    Project: Without Milk (Short Film) Director: Thodoris Vournas Duration: 23 sec.

  • Lightsaber

    Project: Lightsaber (Music Video) Director: Petros Antoniadis Duration: 3 min. 43 sec. (Full Music...

  • Tell me a lie

    Project: Tell me a lie (Short Film) Director: Anastasios Gkotsis Duration: 11 min. 07...